The BJR Scholarship Fund

The Boden Center looks to bring the artistic learning community to "those who need it most...but have access to it least". A significant event in making world class instruction available to those who simply could not afford it was the birth of the Benjamin Jacob Rivera Scholarship Fund. The family of the late Benjamin Jacob Rivera ('85-'13), Boden' very first drum student, have chosen to honor him in loving memory by making a generous donation to the center in hopes that others will do the same. Benjamin Jacob was afforded the opportunity to train musically 10 years ago. He passed away at the tender age of 27 with many people calling him simply...a genius. His musical abilities and sensibilities fulfilled Boden's mission to bring "the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven". Ask the friends who surrounded him how he always managed to make music the portal for communicating Christ and His likeness to them. 

We believe there are others like Benjamin Jacob out there. We want them. There is a good work waiting to be extended to them but it has its costs. We don't want those costs to be a hinderance to anyone who is marked by God for this opportunity. I'm asking you as Director of Boden Center to please consider making the Boden Center a regular part of your sacrificial giving. Join the Rivera family and others in their commitment to see the annual budget (20K) covered by the generosity of those who get the vision that Pastor Aimee Cortese instilled some 30 years ago: "Let the rooms be filled with children and adults alike studying and making music to the glory of God!" If this is your pleasure, we simply ask that you make a donation. Lets make it happen!