How did a dream, a vision and an inspiration give birth to The Boden Center? Many years ago, founder Rev. Aimee Garcia Cortese dreamt of a place where children and adults alike could join together as a community to be instructed in the various disciplines within music. The Boden Center is such a place.

Rev. Cortese and her son, current Boden Center president Rev. Joseph Henry Cortese, are committed to the ongoing training and development of those who love music.

Rev. Aimee Cortese recalls that her love for fostering growth in the arts began in her early struggles to ensure that her daughters received piano and voice lessons at Carnegie Hall. Under the tutelage of the late Mary Louis Cooper and Emilia Delterso, her daughters' God given talents were highly developed. This experience had an undeniable impact on the character of her children. Understanding what music could do for the mind and spirit of a child, Rev. Aimee Cortese was inspired to make the study of music mandatory for every child born into her family.

Years of learning gave birth to a family proficient in all areas of music. Today their musical accomplishments are great and their ongoing work for the Kingdom of God even greater. Such enthusiasm for a dream could not remain unnoticed.

It came to the attention of businesswoman, and founder of the famous American Baby porcelain doll company, Zita Boden (Pictured wth Aimee Cortese). Mrs. Boden committed herself financially to Rev. Cortese's dream, as well as other initiatives, by providing an annual endowment. Were it not for her demise in 1998, Mrs. Boden's voice echoing, "Aimee wants to do this for the kids? Just tell me what it is going to cost ", would still be heard.

Rev. Aimee Cortese and her son Rev. Joseph Henry Cortese have chosen to pay tribute to Mrs. Zita Boden by naming the center after their good friend and faithful benefactor.